Ray Baylor III playing his best as senior season approaches

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Ray Baylor III came to New Mexico as a junior college transfer one season ago. The 6-foot-3, 293 pound senior offensive lineman was used to getting his way. That didn’t play well in the Division 1 football world, and Baylor had to make adjustments.

“You know me and the coaches didn’t always see eye to eye, especially the first year,” said Baylor. “I feel like I matured a lot.”

Lobos Head Coach Bob Davie agrees that Baylor has shown more maturity this season.

“Last year was really inconsistent, you know, both maturity wise and football wise,” said Davie. “I do think he’s grown up. It’s still a work in progress.”

Baylor has become a better man and better on the field. Some of his teammates believe he showed the most progress of any player during the spring. That has led to a lot of reps on the field in the fall for a player who was only in one game last season.

All conference offensive lineman Aaron Jenkins helped in Baylor’s development.

“Oh man, we use to have come together meetings at my place,” said Jenkins. “We use to have to talk to him about Ray, do this. Ray, do that. Ray, stop acting this way. He’s come a long way. I’m really happy for the guy.”

Baylor is also happy and appreciates the help he got from players and coaches.

“It was definitely different,” said Baylor. “I had to adjust to hard coaching, especially from high school and junior college. You know when you’re a good player they kind of let you do whatever.”