August 4th Morning Rush: Man accused of setting church on fire facing federal charges

1. A man police say set a Rio Rancho church on fire is expected to be transferred into federal custody. Law enforcement says surveillance cameras captured 23-year-old Gordon Schuler early Monday morning and is seen with a backpack and a hammer. Investigators say they found in the church after firefighters put out flames. Court documents show he has a history of arson and burglary charges. The ATF is now charging Schuler with destroying a building used in interstate commerce because the church is part of a larger one that is based out of state.

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2.The city says it can’t do anything about a flock of pigeons plaguing a neighborhood in the northeast heights. Neighbors blame the homeowner for feeding the birds, but she denies it. Pigeons can carry diseases that are harmful to humans which is why feeding them is against city ordinance. The city says they’ve responded to the house several times but have never seen the homeowner feeding the pigeons so they can’t do anything.

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3. A few showers lingering over Chaves County will continue to fade in coverage and intensity through sunrise.

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4. It’s tax-free weekend. Friday through Monday shoppers will be able to buy school supplies, clothes, electronics and other qualifying items without the sales tax. Some additional perks for the tax-free holiday include curb-side and in-store pick-ups at most locations. A full list of what is tax-free can be found in the link below.

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5. People can expect to pay more to ship Christmas presents this holiday season. FedEx announced that it will tack on a $3 handling surcharge on packages that require special handling. Also shipping for oversized goods will cost you an additional $25.

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