Daryl Chestnut is ready to stand out in 2017

Lobo Helmet (Robert Pugsley, KRQE)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – UNM Football’s Fall Camp is now underway, and after three days of work the team looks focused heading into their 2017 season. The goal over the past few seasons has been to make this UNM offense more balanced in the run game and pass game. Coach Davie believes with a good core of receivers and a senior QB in Lamar Jordan, that is possible in 2017, but Davie also believes that you cannot veer away from your identity.

The Lobos led the country in rushing yards and the ground game is their identity. They lose a great back in Teriyon Gipson, but they return guys like Tyrone Owens, Richard McQuarley, and Daryl Chestnut.

“This is what I have been working for, it’s senior year and last go around, so I am working my tail off just to put my name on the map. You know I have seen Teriyon, Tyrone do it and you know it’s time for me and my offensive line to celebrate another new guy in the thousand yard club,” said UNM Sr. RB Daryl Chestnut.

Chestnut has been putting in extra work this summer and he is focused on making a statement in 2017. He is the biggest, the strongest, and the fastest that he has ever been at UNM. The senior running back also weighs the most he has ever weighed in his life at 192 pounds.

Working in the weight room and constantly doing drills over the summer has gotten Chestnut ready for his senior season, but the running back also credits good cooking to his weight gain.

“I am high on food, my mom raised me like that. My favorite food is fried chicken. I love it. If I didn’t have to switch up a meal I could eat chicken every day, with yellow rice,” said Chestnut.

Chestnut says that he eats more than anyone in the RB room. Expectations are high for him in 2017, but also just for this team in general. On Wednesday former Lobo and future NFL Hall of Famer, Brian Urlacher gave his take on the Lobos with KRQE Sports, and the big guy has high hopes for this team.

“We got (motivation) on our side right now. I think that they are only going to get better and better, you know the more Coach Davie can recruit the players that he wants, the longer that he is here, the better they are going to be. They have something to build off of winning the bowl game last year, nine wins, competing for the Mountain West Championship, that’s a great feat,” said Urlacher.

Lobo Fall Camp will continue through the week with Monday being the only day off for UNM Football.