Rockies’ Pitcher Chad Bettis counts his blessings after return from cancer

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis continues his rehab stint with the Albuquerque Isotopes with his eyes completely focused on the blessings in his life. Bettis is coming back from testicular cancer.

He had surgery and chemotherapy treatments after finding out he had the illness back in March. Bettis said he would never have found out, had it not been for his wife’s pregnancy.

“The doctor relayed the information to my wife, then put it in my head that maybe I need to check myself,” said Bettis. “That night I go check myself and sure enough it’s testicular cancer. I don’t think my daughter will ever understand the impact of the importance that she had on our lives.”

The brush with cancer has made Bettis willing to talk openly about the illness. He wants to raise awareness.

“I knew that this was going to be a little uncomfortable initially,” said Bettis. “It’s something that I had to be comfortable with in the long term.”

Bettis pitched for the Isotopes last Sunday and will take the mound for the team again Friday.