July 18th Morning Rush: GOP at crossroads as health care bill collapses

1.The next step for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act could be turning back to an old plan. Two more Senators came out in opposition to the Senate health care bill Monday night, effectively killing it. Overnight President Trump tweeted “Republicans should just repeal failing Obamacare now and work on a new healthcare plan that will start from a clean slate.” He added that Democrats will join in. It appears at least part of that statement might be the direction things are heading in now. Senator McConnell is now calling for a vote on an amended version of the House bill. It essentially swaps out that plan for one that the Senate passed two years ago, repealing the Affordable Care Act with a two-year timetable for coming up with a replacement.

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2. The community is rallying behind a beloved high school teacher after he was injured in a six-car pile-up. Rio Rancho High school science teacher Matt Farley got rushed to the hospital in critical condition three weeks ago. Police say a preliminary investigation shows a woman believed to be on drugs rear-ended a car at Eubank and Academy, causing the pile-up. APD says they’re waiting for the toxicology report to determine if she’ll face charges.

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3. Overnight showers will fade through sunrise leaving behind a mostly to partly clear sky this morning.

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4. County parks officials are making plans to move a South Valley ball field to the other side of the park. Neighbors say they’re tired of being the outfielders for home-runs. Martin Sandoval has been living next to Tom Tenorio Park for almost ten years. He says every time there’s a game at the park, balls fly into his yard. The county will be spending $2-million in the next two years on the project.

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5. UNM has a new logo. A committee led by Anderson School of Marketing Professor John Benavidez came up with it back in April. Some felt the old logo with Mesa Vista Hall on it was outdated.

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