Local jump ropers win medals on the world stage

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Air is a competitive jump rope club based in the Duke City. The club is more known for its younger jumpers that compete in regional and world renowned tournaments every year. This year though, a group of parents took their talents to the World Jump Rope Championships in Orlando, Florida, and showed that they could also compete with the best.

“We were proud to represent New Mexico and the United States in the world jump rope competition,” said Amber Romero.

Amber Romero, Anna Chmielemko, and Mark Iske range in ages from 47-52 and they saw their kids jump competitively, so they decided to give it a go. On July 1 in Orlando, the team would garner three gold medals in the 30+ division at the World Championships.

“I absolutely did not expect us to walk away with gold. It is really hard to jump when you are nervous and your body is really tense, so I guess we were just relaxed and we did it for the fun,” said Anna Chmielemko.

That is what this sport is all about for these athletes, just having fun, but it is also about family. All three of these athletes started because of their kids, and it really has become a family affair.

“She was like everyone needs to do jump rope, because it’s really good for you. She just fell in love with it, and then I fell in love with it even more because she started doing it with me,” said Natalia Chmielemko, daughter of Anna Chmielemko.

Albuquerque is definitely represented in the sport of Jump Roping, and as for a repeat performance at next year’s championships?

“Of course we want to go beat the 30 year olds, so we have to work harder now, because we have to beat them,” said Anna Chmielemko.