June 30th Morning Rush: Gravel pit collapse in Placitas leaves four men hospitalized

1. All four men trapped in a collapsed gravel pit in Placitas are waking up in the hospital. Late Thursday night crews rescued the remaining two workers. The Sandoval County Fire Chief says it happened at about 5:30 p.m. at the Lafarge Gravel Mine. According to fire crews, two workers buried up to their waist and chest in gravel tried to rescue two others buried up to their necks. Rescue crews worked by hand to dig the four men out. Three were airlifted out, the fourth was transported by ground. We don’t know the extent of their injuries at this time.

Full Story: Four men hospitalized after rescued from a collapsed gravel mine

2. President Trump’s travel ban is in effect. It’s already being met with some resistance just like the initial one earlier in the year. Pockets of protesters gathered in Los Angles and New York Thursday night. Under the new travel restrictions, travelers from six predominantly Muslim countries will only be allowed in the U.S. if they can prove “bona fide” family ties. Volunteer lawyers have now set up shop at airports in major cities to assist travelers who may need legal help. The Supreme Court plans to hear arguments on the ban in October.

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3.  A clear and mild start to the day with morning temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s. An incoming cold front will be the big weather-maker for us today helping to spark spotty to scattered storms over northeast and east-central NM.

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4. With just days to go until the Fourth of July holiday the city is changing the way it wants you to report illegal fireworks. This year, people will not be able to call in to make reports through the hotline, no live person will be answering phone calls. Instead, the city is asking people to use its 311 app or report them online.

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5. The baby giraffe at the zoo has been named Jambazi, which is Swahili for “bandit.” The BioPark says it’s the perfect name for him because he steals everyone’s heart when they look at him. Jambazi was born to mom, June, earlier this month.

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