Luziano Casados is going to the Jr. Home Run Derby

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Luziano Casados entered his local home run derby in Albuquerque to get in some extra batting practice.

The 12-year-old from Thunderbird Little League won his age group and advanced to the regional one in Phoenix, Arizona. There Casados won, beating a field of 25 competitors. “There were some good kids there,” Casados said. “There was a kid. He was taller than me. In the last round, I hit a lot more than him and he got nervous and choked and that’s how I won.”

That win at the regional level put him in the National Jr. Home Run Derby that takes place in Miami this July. Casados will get a chance to compete at the Major League Baseball All-Star Weekend. “I’m very freaked out,” said Casados. “I’m nervous first of all. It’s cool to go all the way from here, New Mexico, to go all the way to Miami.”

Casados is going to the event with the mindset of having fun. “I’m mostly thinking that it’s just going to be fun either way,” Casados said. “It doesn’t matter if I win or not. It’s just going to be fun.”

The Home Run Derby is the week of July 10.