New Mexico takes surprising spot on national courteous drivers list

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico often ranks poorly on national lists – whether it’s drunk drivers, crime or quality in education. But now, a new list ranks New Mexicans for something to very proud of.

A new survey by ranks states by the most courteous drivers. New Mexico came in at number two.

“There’s not so many courteous drivers at all,” Jesus Olivas said.

“My guess earlier was like 45 [on the list],” said Wayne Bodmer.

“I would say that there’s about 70 percent in New Mexico that are courteous,” said Rick De Los Santos.

To many people’s surprise, New Mexico nearly topped the list.

“Second on courteous drivers? Where did this survey come from?” laughed Olivas.

“It’s very surprising to me,” Bodmer said.

“Number two? Wow really?” said James Vigil.

The Land of Enchantment followed only Idaho on the list.

You could say News 13 did its own survey on the streets, finding mixed opinions about New Mexicans behind the wheel.

“When I’m driving, I just don’t feel like other drivers are very courteous,” Bodmer explained.

“They’ll give you their parking spot and they’ll go somewhere else they’re pretty courteous around here,” De Los Santos said.

The survey asked 50 drivers in each state to answer what they would do in certain scenarios. The answers were used to determine each state’s ranking.

New Mexico scored an “A” overall, getting high marks for how aggressive they respond to slow driving, not stealing parking spots and letting others pass.

We weren’t perfect, though. The state scored lower when it came to using turn signals, responding rudely when being tailgated and allowing others to merge in heavy traffic.

In last place were South Carolina and New York.