Man accused of robbing woman and calling to ask how she was doing, now behind bars

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – More than a year later, a man accused of robbing a woman, then calling her and asking how she was doing afterwards, is behind bars.

It happened back in November 2015 when the victim said she was leaving her job as a server at the Los Cuates Restaurant.

The victim told police as she was walking to her car when a man approached her with a gun, demanding everything she had.

The robber then took off running, getting into a vehicle that sped away. The woman jumped in her car, followed, and jotted down the license plate.

After a quick investigation by police, it was discovered the victim was an acquaintance of the getaway driver via social media.

Police said Elijah Deloach-Winfield even called the victim later the night of the robbery, asking how she was doing.

Deloach-Winfield was arrested Saturday night and has multiple pending cases.

In court, Sunday, the judge and the state were trying to clarify which case was which when he butted in.

Deloach-Winfield is charged with robbery in that case. He’s also charged with burglary and criminal damage to property in another case, and for failing to appear in court.

Deloach-Winfield is still in jail