June 23rd Morning Rush: Senate health care bill released, GOP now searching for votes


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1. The fight to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is heating up in D.C. As it stands the Republican Senate bill does not have enough votes to pass. The secret health care bill was unveiled Thursday eliminates the Affordable Care Act insurance mandates and its new taxes on the wealthy. It keeps a decent amount of the Affordable Care Act tax credits to help lower-income Americans buy insurance. One Republican not on board with the bill says the current draft does not do nearly enough to lower premiums.

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2. New details overnight about the murder of a Santa Fe woman and her boyfriend the man police say is responsible. Christopher Garcia who is 26, is charged with murder. According to a criminal complaint, Garcia fatally stabbed the woman Selena Valencia at a Santa Fe apartment complex. Police say he also stabbed a bystander who is at the hospital Friday morning.

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3.The heat is going to start to back off this afternoon for parts of New Mexico. A cold front is going to move into northeast New Mexico this afternoon. This front will spark some storms today across the northeast and later on this evening.

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4. New anti-DWI ads by the state are getting a lot of attention Friday morning. The latest ad gives you insight from the perspective of the offender. The new ad follows a drunk driver who has too much drink, drives drunk, kills a woman and then is haunted by her in prison. The ad is part of 100 days and nights of summer.

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5. One Albuquerque brewery is helping out the penguins, one glass at a time. For every Penguin Pale Ale or Penguin Lager sold at the Rio Bravo Brewing Company, $1 will be donated to the new penguin exhibit at the Rio Grande Zoo and the BioPark Society. The society gives the money to organizations that protect penguins in the wild. The special edition brew will be available at the Rio Bravo Brewing and the BioPark.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story’s video included that Lonzo Ball graduated from La Cueva High School and played with Bryce Alford. Ball never went to La Cueva, but played with Bryce Alford at UCLA as a freshman.