Cultural Atlas: Touching Beauty

The Life and Work of Sculptor Michael Naranjo’s process is a lot like other artists but his works are described as personally revealing and striking in appearance – and are also a miracle. As he was serving in the Vietnam War, one night Naranjo was severely injured by a hand grenade. That was the last time he saw the light.

Shortly after his injury, while recovering in Japan, he picked up a piece of water-based clay and began sculpting with his still functioning left hand. It took a while before he could make anything, wondering if his dreams of being a sculptor were gone. Over time, he began crafting larger, more intricate works of art.

With his memory as his guide and his hands as his eyes, Naranjo steps out into his creative process.

Feel your way through his work, “Touching Beauty.” It is now on display in the Atrium Gallery of the Bataan Memorial Building located west of the New Mexico State Capitol.

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