Farmington Frackers off to a hot start

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Farmington Frackers are a collegiate summer league baseball team that plays at the very prestigious Ricketts Park, which is home to the Connie Mack World Series. The team is in their first season this summer and has already jumped out to a 7-0 record.

“We are just a team that plays hard, comes out day in and day out. We are just a fun team, and it’s a good team that Farmington can get behind,” said Frackers Head Coach Jared Holley.

The team will play all of its 25 games this summer at Ricketts Park in Farmington. The team as of now is not affiliated with a specific summer team, but is hoping to start their own in the southwest.

Holley is a former Lobo baseball player and was given just three months to put his team together.

“Using all of the connections I had made through UNM and through my high school days, we have a couple of southern California kids, but a majority of the players are from New Mexico,” said Holley.

The team has showcased that Lobo mentality at the plate, beating their opponent on Thursday night 23-8. It’s an exciting team to watch and an overall exciting event to come and watch in Farmington as well.

“You know it’s almost like a minor league atmosphere here. We throw out t-shirts, have a tricycle race, and we also have a beer batter which is half priced beers if we strike a kid out,” said Holley.

To find out more on Frackers tickets, pricing and schedule, go to this link.