Steve Pearce recounts shooting at Virginia baseball field

WASHINGTON (KRQE) – A Louisiana Congressman was among five people injured in a shooting at a Virginia Baseball field near Washington D.C.

The shooting happened at a practice for a bi-partisan game set to happen Thursday. Witnesses say dozens of shots were fired.

Representative Steve Pearce was at-bat at the practice when the shooting happened.

“As I would finish my swing, a bystander at the end of the third base dugout,” he said, recounting seeing the gunman. “Later that turned out to be the shooter.”

The shooter has since died, identified by officials as James T. Hodgkinson from Illinois.

“I had an officer shooting from right here at him, and as he moved around the corner, then the Capitol Police were able to take the gunman out,” Pearce said.

Several U.S. government officials took to social media after the shooting.