Local Nob Hill business features organic juicing

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Getting on the right path to health is something that a lot of people are in the process of doing this summer. Most are seeking it out through exercise and others through cleansing methods. Owners of Squeeze Juice Bar in Nob Hill say it’s important to find the right juice cleanse for your body. They also add that another important element is making sure that fresh, organic materials are used in the juice.

Vickie Fellows, along with her husband who opened the local business, said they use five pounds of raw fruits and vegetables to fill each bottle. In addition to the juicing options, another healthy alternative can be found in organic vegetable and fruit smoothies.

It’s one of the many local businesses featured on KRQE This Morning as part of the Nob Hill feature, highlighting the historic part of Albuquerque. Squeezed Juice Bar is located at 3339 Central Avenue, NE, Suite D.