Driver accused of hitting man also used car in property damage case

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Chris Pino

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A realtor charged with running someone over with his Hummer has been accused of doing damage with his car before.

A new lawsuit is raising questions about an old case involving real estate agent Chris Pino.

The suit claims that a year before Pino ended up behind bars for hitting someone with his car, he was accused of purposely ramming his car into an Albuquerque home.

Police video shows what happened as officers walked to the back of the home at Indian School near Girard last year to see the damage.

Andrea Dohrn told them she was inside when a car crashed into it.

“I just heard a real loud noise,” she told police. “I was upstairs and then I came around and I saw something like backing up.”

She told police she saw Pino drive away in his red Hummer, leaving the grille behind in the driveway.

Andrea’s husband, Larry, explained he and Pino were renovating the house together.

The Dohrns told police they owned it.

Pino told police he owned it.

Albuquerque police found Pino at his home, on crutches after a recent knee surgery.

“What happened? You said that you, uh…” an officer started to ask Pino.

“…ran my truck into a house that I own?” Pino responded.

He said he and Dohrn were supposed to fix it up together and sell it but that Dohrn tried to cheat him out of the deal.

“So, today I saw a ‘For Sale’ sign. Somehow I knew it was there. They were going to sell that house without me,” Pino said.

It was unclear who owned the house, so police just wrote up a report.

“It’s not illegal to cause damage to your own house, your own vehicle, you know stuff like that,” the officer explained.

However, police did have a problem with how Pino got them to his house in the first place, calling 911 and falsely reporting an armed burglary.

“So, in other words for the call to get everyone here faster, you lied and said that someone was trying to break into the house with a gun?” the officer asked Pino.

“I thought Rob was coming to the house with a gun. He will be here with a gun,” Pino said.

He said he couldn’t wait for police to arrive, saying once he called them to his property at the old Trinity Methodist Church and they never showed up.

A year later, another crime at that vacant church, landed Pino in jail when, police say, he didn’t wait for officers and instead ran over a suspected thief with his Hummer, killing the man.

Pino is now charged with murder.

He said he never intended to hurt anyone and that he was only trying to restrain the suspected thief until the cops arrived.

Meanwhile, the Dohrns are suing their insurance company, demanding coverage for last year’s property damage.

Months after the incident last year, Larry Dohrn made headlines when he was an inmate at the jail, who escaped from a prisoner transport bus.

Twelve hours after his escape, deputies said Dohrn shot himself when he was surrounded at a home in Manzano.