Damien Jefferson jumps on the UNM transfer train

Damien Jefferson
Damien Jefferson

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Six Lobo Basketball players have now transferred out of the program. Number six came on Sunday, as promising freshman guard Damien Jefferson Announced on Twitter that he would be transferring from the program.

Jefferson thanked the coaching staff and the fans for his experience at UNM, but after talks with his parents, he has decided to transfer out. He has not announced where he will be transferring to yet, but while at UNM Jefferson averaged around 15 minutes and 5.3 points per game. He played in 29 games for the Lobos.

Six guys leaving could have UNM fans a little nervous, but new Head Coach Paul Weir did address these transfer possibilities in his press conference earlier this month.

“There are some guys that may start to think a little bit more about how they fit in to this. Not necessarily, do I like this coach, or do I want to pay for this coach or not, or do I want to be a Lobo or not, but now how do I actually fit into this? Is this going to be something that is productive ore meaningful for me? So, as we start to go down the road with some of those guys, you know maybe they will think a little bit differently,” said Paul Weir.

With Jefferson leaving the program Weir will now have four open scholarship spots for the upcoming season.