Customers, businesses at Green Jeans concerned about pedestrian safety

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Customers and businesses at the incredibly popular Green Jeans Farmery are concerned about pedestrian safety.

People in Albuquerque have plenty of good things to say about Green Jeans along Carlise and I-40.

“It’s like a hidden gem,” said Alaina Dupree.

“Very family friendly, nice atmosphere,” said David Dominguez.

But patrons said getting there, can be quite the feat.

“It’s dicey,” said Derek Thompson.

People are often dodging traffic to get across Cutler to Green Jeans. It all stems from a lack of parking.

“I wasn’t even sure if we were gonna get a parking spot,” said Nick Marquardt.

So, most people find parking on the street, rather than the designated parking lot.

“You end up having to cross traffic a lot of the time, and there’s a corner it’s just kind of an odd spot,” said Marka Garcia who manages Brotique 505 in Green Jeans.

People who’ve had to park along the street said it’s a bad stretch for pedestrian safety.

“It’s kind of non-existent, there’s really nothing here to protect pedestrians,” said Thompson.

Staff at many businesses inside Green Jeans said Cutler could use some additional safety features.

“You don’t see the pedestrian, you don’t see the oncoming cars, so it would be really great if we could get maybe a crosswalk or just a speed limit sign,” said Garcia.

Patrons agree.

“It’s certainly needed, and would be welcome, especially with having younger children, absolutely.” said Dominguez.

A spokesperson for the City of Albuquerque’s Municipal Development Department said traffic engineers won’t install crosswalks at intersections without traffic signals, they said it would create a false sense of safety for pedestrians.

But, one customer who happens to be a traffic engineer visiting from Seattle said he thinks there must be a way.

“There is a lot of traffic through here, and a crosswalk would help, and I think that with some simple analysis, they could find a good location to put a crosswalk,” said Nick Marquardt.

People who frequent Green Jeans said they’re still hopeful the City will do something about the problem.

“It would be nice to get it corrected before it gets out of hand, before anybody gets hurt,” said Thompson.

Although the City won’t put in crosswalks where there are not traffic signals, a spokesperson said they plan on conducting a study to widen Cutler where it’s a one way street to Carlisle, but not until the 2019 bond cycle.