Andrea Moya’s transformation has guided her to boxing

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)- Andrea Moya is a woman that has had troubles with her weight her entire life. The Albuquerque native set out on a mission 4 years ago to eat healthy and work out to transform herself. 4 years and 80 pounds lighter, Moya has taken up a new training method.

“That’s where Monica (Lovato) comes in. You know, she finally has time to train me and boxing has been something that I have thought of for a while but it never happened. It’s a work in progress right now”, said Andrea Moya.

Moya has picked up the sport of boxing, and is now training with local professional Monica Lovato at Fidel Maldonado’s gym. What started out as just a training method has now turned into a passion. “Coming in as just a training aspect of it and now it’s becoming more of like a heartfelt excitement. You know, to train with the guys here at Fidel’s and we all have one goal in mind and we are working towards that goal”, said Moya.

Monica Lovato has known Andrea for years and now believes that she has the ability to take her skills to the next level. “I can guarantee this, she will at least have one amateur boxing fight, that’s one thing I can say about her”, said Monica Lovato.

Andrea hopes to get in the ring in the next year or so, but first wants to compete in a fitness model competition. She has a new found confidence after losing over 80 pounds, and thinks boxing would be an exciting goal. “I’m not a big fighter, I have only been in 1 fight in my whole life, but I think the challenge is making me want to do it. Now that I have overcome this whole battle that I have dealt with my whole life, which I know a lot of people deal with, is weight. I feel like I can do and achieve anything that I want to achieve”, said Moya.