Rio Rancho woman opening the book on Lyme Disease

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – A Rio Rancho woman’s children’s book is for sale on Amazon. But it’s not just any children’s book. It’s a book giving hope to families battling the chronic illness of Lyme disease.

Sarah Schlichte-Sanchez says she was inspired to write the book after her own personal struggle with the disease. She hopes this book will provide hope for families just like hers.

“For me, it just articulates the struggle that we went through as a family and you can see it progressively get worse,” said Schlicte-Sanchez.

Before Schlichte-Sanchez would become a published author, her story, that would later inspire a children’s book, started nearly 17 years ago.

While camping in the Jemez Mountains, Sarah says she was unknowingly bitten by a tick.

“I was told it was an infected spider bite,” said Schlichte-Sanchez.

But in the years that followed, she knew something wasn’t right. More than a decade later, she would discover the reason for her chronic pain and fatigue.

“I’m like ‘Oh my gosh. This has been what’s been sucking the life out of me,’” said Schlichte-Sanchez.

Diagnosed with Lyme disease, Sarah tried to understand what was happening, while slowly withdrawing from the world, almost disappearing in a sense, missing valuable time with her children and husband.

“This is one of my favorite images because I felt that way for so long. My heart was with them but I wasn’t able to physically be with them,” said Schlichte-Sanchez.

Instead of focusing on the negative, Sarah made the decision to fight back and retell her emotional story through fictional characters in a book titled “little bite, big trouble.

“I will not be defeated by Lyme. Instead, it will be my greatest opportunity,” said Schlichte-Sanchez.

While it’s a children’s book, Sarah says it’s also a book for parents. She says the book will tell parents to keep fighting.

“Within the book, I just want people to know there is hope and healing and restoration for a lot of people,” said Schlichte-Sanchez.

This isn’t the only way she’s spreading awareness about Lyme disease. Schlichte also has a podcast that she produces twice a month and just released a documentary that she also plans on putting up on Amazon.

Schlichte-Sanchez says while the money doesn’t go directly towards Lyme disease research, it does go towards her continued effort for Lyme awareness and advocacy.

For more information on the book, click here.