Repeat burglars hit Old Town businesses

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An unwelcome trend is frustrating people who work at businesses in Old Town.

“Old Town is their playground now,” said Denise Dubey, who manages an Old Town business hit by burglars sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

But it wasn’t the first time.

“This gate was found unlocked, but by unlocked, they removed the entire lock off the gate to get out of here,” said Dubey as she walked through the damage.

For the past week, she’s been cleaning up the damage thieves leave behind.

“They’ve left gloves behind so that they don’t have fingerprints,” she said.

In a matter of five days, the gallery Dubey manages and several other businesses have been hit four times by thieves. Last week, news 13 told you about a different Old Town business experiencing similar problems.

“This is a targeted tempt, and a rash attempt,” said Dubey.

She said the thieves even cut the breaker boxes, shutting off freezers at one of the eateries.

“Consequently, they lost a couple thousand dollars worth of food,” she said.

Unfortunately, Dubey said the criminals are persistent.

“Each time I’ve made an attempt to stop them, they’ve come back again in another angle,” she said.

Businesses owners are picking up the pieces, literally, after each new crime.

“It’s a mental exhaustion that you start to rack up and feel,” said Dubey.

Although the crooks racked up nearly 10 thousand dollars in damages and got away with money and jewelry, Dubey said she’s not going to let them win.

She said Old Town means too much to the city and the people who live in it.

“This is a special place, we want people to come here, we want them to feel safe.”

She said she is now working to install a security system, stronger gates and spotlights in attempt to deter any further break-ins.

News 13 has reached out to APD looking for more information on these crimes, but was told the detectives working the cases won’t be back to work until Monday.

NOTE: Dubey asked News 13 not to name the business she works for in fear of the burglars returning.