83-year old woman writes her first book

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – Forty years in the making, now a Rio Rancho woman can finally call herself an author at the ripe age of 83.

Betty Turk is a published murder-mystery novelist, inspired by all aspects of her own life, even a mining town right here in New Mexico – Madrid.

“What attracted me to Madrid was probably due to my father because he was a miner,” she said. “He was killed in a mine accident, that I described in this book. It was sort of a tribute to him,” she continued.

Originally from Wyoming, Turk said getting to this point in her life started with a simple conversation with her brother.

“It’s my first book. My brother invited me to dinner, he lived right down the street here, in 1980,” she said.

From 1980 to 2000, Turk and her brother, Jack, would snail mail each other chapters back and forth, bouncing ideas off one another. But in 2007, he died and she lost inspiration to continue.

That was until 2010, when her son’s own novel writing gave her the push to finish what she started so many years ago.

“He would sit at one end of the table writing ‘Too much Government’ and I would sit at the other end of the dining table writing ‘Murder in Madrid,'” she said.

‘Murder in Madrid’ is about a woman hanged for a crime she didn’t commit and the journey to figure out “who dunnit?”

It’s a novel that took 40 years to finish and Turk said she couldn’t have done it without Jack. While he isn’t here to see the final copy, she did the next best thing and asked his wife to take a look.

“She thought that Jack would’ve really liked the book,” she said.

Turk said her next book is already in the works and will hopefully be done by the end of this year. It’s about her grandmother’s journey to the states from Yugoslavia. Of course, this one is taking her much less time to finish.

‘Murder in Madrid’ can be purchased on Amazon.