Video captures persistent man breaking into Albuquerque home

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – He wouldn’t give up and in the end, he made off big. Security video catches a persistent crook’s haul of a trove of sentimental things from an Albuquerque woman’s home.

“When I walked in the front door, there were things all over the floor and it was very obvious to me that someone had been in my house,” said Dawn Alexander, whose home was broken into.

It’s an unwelcoming sight for any homeowner.

“Found that the back door was open and that the security door had been breached,” she said.

Alexander, who didn’t want to show her face, said she immediately reviewed her security camera footage when she came home Wednesday night.

She found a man at her back door, pulling a crowbar from his pants. His persistence was somewhat bizarre. He spent at least 20 minutes trying to break in, never giving up and even looking flustered. At one point, he pulled a gun from his pocket and put it in the other.

“I was very glad that I had not come home for lunch that day because if I had, I think I may have encountered him,” said Alexander.

Once he finally got access inside, Alexander said he took some of her most treasured things.

“I had a lock box that had my mom’s class ring in it. It had a Japanese flag my father had brought back from WWII in it,” she said.

The man left the house the same way he came in and stepped on a wheelbarrow for a lift over the fence. His footprints are still there, leaving Alexander feeling violated and angry.

“How dare you come into my home and take my things? You know, I’ve worked very hard for these,” she said.

She said about $5,000 worth of items were taken which includes, cash, tablets, laptops, and even her personal identification forms.

Alexander did call the police. We reached out to police to see if this guy has been caught, but police did not get back to us.