Trevor Rogers Throws a shutout on Saturday in front of a bleacher full of scouts

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)- Carlsbad Ace, Trevor Rogers is the top prospect out of New Mexico in high school baseball. The senior stands in at 6’6 and has a fast ball that tops out around 97 MPH. The Carlsbad hurler finally made it out to the metro on Saturday, and went on to get the win in a 3 hit shutout.

Carlsbad defeated Volcano Vista 4-0 on Saturday afternoon in front of a lot of MLB scouts. The senior has had a lot of interest from the bigs this whole year. “We have probably had, I believe 24-25 home visits with scouts”, said Trevor’s Father, Mike Rogers.

Its a lot for a high school kid to take in, he has to perform every game in front of scouts, and his future of going to the big leagues depends on his performance, but the senior seems to take it in stride. “It makes me want to compete a little bit more, and gets me better each and every day. So, its a plus”, says Trevor Rogers.