Sensory gym opens for special needs children

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Live Laugh Play Sensory gym, on Coors is unlike most kids are used to.

“They have things that go up, and things that swing and things that bounce,” said Jennifer Sandoval.

At this sensory gym, kids cannot only play together, but also with their parents, and they opened their doors Saturday.

“As a parent, I can get on all of this equipment with him, which is a great way for him to learn and feel safe,” said Sandoval.

The gym was designed for children with special needs, but it’s also open to everyone.

“We are working with children that have been through some sort of trauma in their life or may not have been,” said Beverly Nomberg.

Nomberg is the CEO of La Familia, the company that owns Live Laugh Play and they help kids get over hurdles.

“The movement that’s generated by the things that are here helps them to develop that self regulation that they need,” said Nomberg.

In addition to the gym, they also offer music and speech therapy as well as kids yoga. It’s a place parents are happy to have close to home.

“There’s no way I could have all of this at my house and just knowing that it’s a safe, clean environment for him to come play,” said Sandoval who’s three year old attends the gym.

Live Laugh Love has everything from a zipline, to swings and even a ball pit.

“If we can get them grounded in a gym like this, it’s gonna help everything at home, it’s gonna help them at school, it’s gonna help them all the way around,” said Margo Pena.