For Your Health: Empowerment Through Employment

Ashley Avila, Vice President of Member Engagement and Experience, Shaina Ramone, Navajo Outreach Coordinator, and Josephine Barney, Tribal Outreach Supervisor, all from UnitedHealthcare, joined New Mexico Living to talk about the ‘Empowerment Through Employment’ program.

UnitedHealthcare is focusing on hiring full and part time team members for health education and resource assistance. This year they have grown their Native American outreach team significantly. The growth of the Tribal outreach team was spurred not only by the need of jobs in our Tribal communities but by the need of information.

The Tribal team lives and works across their communities, they speak the language of their communities. This is very important in the fulfillment of cultural competency and cultural consideration in New Mexico.

If you are interested in making a difference in your community contact UnitedHealthcare on their website.

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