New Mexico actress wraps up first season of hit series

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – She’s taken the screen by storm, starring in the new FX series Legion.

Despite the rising recognition and life in Los Angeles, this actress says she feels most at home in New Mexico.

“It’s just, like, an exhale.” said Amber Midthunder. “I just feel relaxed.”

A fierce, go-getter, Kerry Loudermilk is a superhuman in the FX series Legion, based on the Marvel Comics.

“She doesn’t stop to consider consequences, she just sees something and she goes for it and it’s very simple,” said Midthunder.

It’s one part of her character, Midthunder finds challenging.

“I think too much,” she said.

But Midthunder has a lot to consider, now that she has a hit show and a career she loves.

“I feel really fortunate to know what lights my soul on fire,” said Midthunder.

Amber found her fire at a young age. Her folks are in film. Amber grew up between L.A. and New Mexico, but it was the Land of Enchantment where she says she became the person she is today, crediting the community for her moral compass.

“I just want people to be good people and treat each other well, treat the planet well. It’s not that hard, just be a good person and work really hard,” she said.

Now, Amber is giving back.

“My parents taught me, when I was young, you should always leave a place a little bit better than how it was when you got there,” explained Midthunder.

In addition to her art, Amber is an activist.

“I’m a really big promoter of being a conscious consumer,” she said. “Buying thoughtfully.”

Currently, Midthunder is focused on avoiding crude palm oil. Yet, her message for New Mexico is not just an environmental one. There’s something else she wants people to know.

“Doing what you want to do is attainable,” Midthunder said. “It’s not like, ‘oh, I’m set now,’ but I’m doing it.”

When it comes to her latest show Legion, Amber says if she wasn’t in it, she’d watch it. She says she knew she’d be a fan as soon as she saw it.

The show just wrapped up its first season, but you can watch it on online, here.