Albuquerque man catches thief stealing bike, confronts him

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A good samaritan catches a man stealing a bike and records the entire incident on his phone.

Chris, who asked KRQE News 13 to not use his last name, said he had just finished eating dinner at the Monte Vista Fire Station Restaurant in Nob Hill Tuesday night, when he walked out of the restaurant and noticed something was not right.

“I literally just see some guy just going at it with bolt cutters on this chained bike here,” he said.

At that point, he pulled out his phone.

“I say hey, is this your bike? And he said, yeah I forgot my key. I said, well that’s a combination lock, how did you forget your key to your combination lock? And he just said, oh I forgot it,” said Chris.

In the video, the thief continued to maintain his innocence.

After the thief took off with the bike, Chris went back into Monte Vista to try and find the owner. To his surprise, someone came forward. He said the bike’s owner told him he had a feeling something like this would happen.

“I knew the second I left my house without my u-bolt lock, with my chain lock that I was going to get it stolen,” he said.

While Chris understands what he did was dangerous, he said he knows what its like to have his things taken from him, and couldn’t stand to see the thief take off without at least saying something.

“He was just in broad daylight, just hacking away at this bike lock and I just couldn’t not do anything,” he said.

Chris did tell KRQE News 13 he wants to remain anonymous because he fears for his safety.

The owner of the bike said the value of the bike is not important to him, but he does feel like his personal space has been violated after watching the video. He is grateful to Chris for stepping up and confronting the thief.

Both Chris and the bike’s owner did file a police report. The bike has not been recovered.