Free Range aims to help start-ups, entrepreneurs, students with co-working space

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – We’ve all heard of Airbnb used to rent a room to sleep. Another company in Albuquerque is allowing startup companies to rent office space for a day, week, even monthly.

The creator of Albuquerque’s newest co-working space is already looking to expand by adding more locations in the Land of Enchantment and neighboring states like Arizona and Texas. It’s part of a growing trend of co-working spaces.

His goal? To inspire future partnerships and projects between those working under the same roof.

Founder Joseph Pitluck says the space was supposed to be used as a school but some things didn’t work out. Now, it’s serving as almost an incubator in a way to help startup businesses and help existing businesses grow.

It’s been almost a month since Free Range Spaces opened its doors. They’re actually still in the process of building out the space so that all 10,000 square feet of the building can be used.

Right now, about 1500 square feet can be used by anyone who is looking to escape from the coffee house environment, rent an office, or those who are passing through the area for business.

So far Pitluck says they have about 40 members coming from different backgrounds.

“If we can bring businesses together and help them grow here in Albuquerque that just benefits everybody long term,” said Pitluck.

While there are already several co-working spaces in Albuquerque like Fat Pipe ABQ and the Simms Space, Pitluck says he doesn’t feel like he’s in competition with them and would work with them.

Pitluck says he’s eyeing up cities like Las Cruces, Santa Fe, Lubbock, Texas, Tuscon, Arizona and Wichita, Kansas for his expansion.

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