Former High School Foes now friends in a Lobo uniform

Courtesy UNM Athletics

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Redshirt Freshmen safeties Kameron Miller and Gabe Ortega know each other from their heated battles at the High School Level. Miller was the QB for Las Cruces High, while Ortega was the QB for Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho.

“In high school we had this heated rivalry, kind of an unspoked rivalry between each other and then we got here and just found out we have similar interests and play the same position”, said Gabe Ortega.

Both of the Red Shirt freshman made the change from QB to safety and seem to be adjusting well, but just like anything it took some getting used to at first. “At first it was kind of iffy, it was like uh I don’t know how it’s going to be, but now we are probably best friends so it’s real nice. We were both quarterbacks that went to the safety defensive side so that’s pretty cool”, said Kameron Miller.

Both are liking the defensive side of the game and since safety is considered the quarterback of the defense they have took to the position well. Head Coach, Bob Davie credits both of these players and how they have grown, but coach Davie likes the local crop of players that have come in.

Davie was glad to take advantage of the redshirt season for the local freshman. They had time to grow and get better, and he credits this to his program growing and being able to allow players to redshirt.

“For Marcus Williams it was a homerun, when you look at him and his body type now, Gabe Ortega, Kam Miller, certainly Teton Saltes. All of those guys needed that extra year and we are very fortunate that we were able to give them that extra year”, said Bob Davie.