Chris’ Sunday Night Forecast

Albuquerque hit 80° for the first time this year on Sunday and the metro could feel the 80s once again for the 1st day of Spring on Monday!  Temperatures will be reaching record levels across the state on Monday with afternoon highs once again being 15°-20° warmer than average.

The high pressure system responsible for this extreme warmth will control New Mexico’s weather for the first half of the week.   The sunshine and these warm temps will continue through least Wednesday.

The only difference to begin the week will be the chance for a few afternoon showers that develop across parts of New Mexico for Monday.  But, since there is no moisture these showers won’t produce rain.  Instead the showers will crank up the wind and they could even produce dry lightning strikes elevating the fire risk to begin the week.   The pattern finally changes on Thursday.

That is when a storm system could dive into the Four Corners region by Thursday.   This weather maker will bring the chance for high mountain snow, rain, wind and seasonal temperatures.  Highs will tumble 10°-15° by Thursday and Friday.