Sending Daffodils can help in a big way

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Don’t just make a loved one’s day, spreading the love is easy with one local organization.

Presbyterian Healthcare is bringing back their Daffodils Days, for the third decade, as spring is welcomed back to New Mexico.

Thousands of beautiful Daffodils bouquets will be delivered throughout the community and proceeds will help provide critical resources and support for Home Healthcare and Hospice families.

Pre-ordering is closed, but purchases can be made at any one of the Presbyterian Healthcare sites across the city on Friday, March 17 and Saturday, March 18.

Senders can choose between the Sunshine Arrangement which is 10 daffodils, baby’s breath, greens, ribbon, and vase, for $20 or the Bunch of Daffodils, 10 Daffodils, for $8.

For more information on Daffodil Days, visit the Presbyterian Healthcare website.