Official: No budget for ART construction on the weekends

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – If you’ve traveled through the intersection of Central Avenue and Rio Grande you’ve likely been stuck in the traffic from Albuquerque Rapid Transit construction.

But, even on the weekends, when the construction comes to a halt, drivers are still waiting in long lines.

“They’re right in the middle, are they gonna have stop signs everywhere or what?” said one driver.

Many other drivers are wondering if they’ll get some relief from the wait time, while they anxiously sit at red light, after red light.

“I’d rather just go around then go through here, cause it’s gonna take forever,” said another driver, sitting in a long line along Central.

The traffic has been a nightmare for Westside commuters.

“I think it’s really hard especially Monday through Friday especially at 5,” said a driver frustrated after sitting through several red lights.

The city’s ART spokesperson said there is a list of reasons for why work isn’t being done on the weekends to get everything done faster. Joanie Griffin said the $119 million budget would not cover extra crews to stagger shifts to cover weekends.

As far as nights go, “There’s a city noise ordinance, you can’t by law, do construction in the evening,” said Griffin.

But, she said the main reason for construction stopping on the weekends was because that’s what businesses in the area requested.