Community Calendar: The Shrine Circus Is Coming To Town

New Mexico Living had an opportunity to meet some of the people and clowns, who make the Shrine Circus in Albuquerque possible.

The Shrine Children’s Hospital is one of the only places of hope for children and parents during a time of need. They provide medical attention to those who have been told there were no more options for them. One of those children is Anna Bittenham. She received help from the Shriners and now helps others by becoming ‘Anna Banana.’ She has been clowning with her mom ‘Tabby Cat’ for three years.

If you would like to see Anna Banana and Tabby Cat, along with all the other animals and performers at the Shrine Circus, get your tickets now for the show happening Friday, February 10 through Sunday, February 12.

Brought to you by: New Mexico Living, segment paid by Shrine Circus