Chris’ Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Another mild day is ahead for most of New Mexico.   The only spot that will experience cooler temperatures this afternoon is eastern New Mexico.  That is where a cold front has moved in and dropped temperatures today.

The cold front combined with low clouds that are hanging around in parts of eastern New Mexico will keep the eastern half of the state cooler.  Albuquerque and Santa Fe will see filtered sunshine through the high clouds that are hanging around.  But, unlike eastern NM the temps here in central New Mexico will stay warmer than normal for this time of the year.

The entire state will see more sunshine and feel warmer temperatures for the weekend.   The wind will be kicking up though in eastern New Mexico on Saturday.   This will be a warm wind causing temperatures to rise well above average again for Saturday and Sunday in the east.

A storm system then looks to scrape New Mexico early next week. It will only graze the northern half of the state with some light snow while most of New Mexico feels strong wind and mild temperatures.