Albuquerque man tries to benefit from Dion’s ranch dressing shortage

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some people are calling it a “ranch-pocalypse,” and others dub it “ranch-gate” after Dion’s announced they’d temporarily stop production. Some people just can’t wait and are willing to pay the big bucks.

Major Dion’s ranch dressing fans wanted to let their disappointment be heard after the restaurant made the announcement.

“I think we should declare Marshal Law on the city or the state, or until they get it back,” said Jac Roberts.

However, Callen Gurule wants people to know, he’s here to save the day.

“I ended up putting it on there for $100 and 2 for $150, which is a good deal,” he said.

Gurule said he posted the ad on Craigslist as a joke, but didn’t realize how serious would be about Dion’s ranch. That is, until he got some extreme offers.

“This guy offered me $1500 for the pair of them,” he said. “I had someone else who offered me, what was it, $500 in food stamps. And I’m like, I’m sorry I don’t accept EBT,” he continued.

He isn’t the only one trying to benefit from the shortage. Some people are trying to sell the full bottle of Dion’s ranch. They’re listed on Facebook and Craigslist, ranging from $250-500 a piece. Some people think it’s a little too much.

“There’s always going to be more ranch, you could go another place,” said Mark Mares.

Others people said it’s a great way to try and earn some extra cash.

“I think he’s brilliant, he’s got a great idea. I think anyone who can come up with that idea is pretty smart,” said Michael Marquez.

Even if Gurule does not end up selling them, he said it was all in good fun, and he has other alternatives for the fate of his two remaining ranch cups.

“I’ll probably just end up eating it myself,” he said.

He plans on keeping the ad up for only a few more days. Even though he doesn’t expect them to sell, he said he would definitely take the offer if anyone is willing to buy them for that price.

Dion’s is currently offering their customers a high-quality alternative while their dressings are off the shelves. They said they will bring back all their dressings in a few weeks.