Get Fit with Kristin Rowe

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – When working out, it’s important to know what muscles you are using and how to incorporate them into a training routine.

Fitness Expert, Kristin Rowe, talks cardio in this week’s edition of Fit Friday.

Cardio is important to incorporate into your fitness regimen because it helps to elevate your heart rate and circulate the blood in your body, keeping your heart strong and healthy.

Rowe joined KRQE’s This Morning team to demonstrate cardio on a treadmill.

While boosting your metabolism, cardio also helps to burn those unwanted calories and aids in fat loss.

Incline walking hills and steep hills with squat intervals are great workouts on the treadmill.

Rowe suggests a warm-up of two to three minutes with an incline of six. Increasing speed and incline for two minutes, then decrease to 3.3 and increase the incline to 12 for another two minutes.

When incorporating squats, every two minutes hop onto the sides of the treadmill and perform 20 wide body weight squats.

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