Avoid these mistakes when writing thank you cards

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Now that the holidays have come to a close, it may be time to get started on your thank you cards, but one expert has tips on how to avoid common mistakes when expressing your gratitude.
Americans receive an average of close to 14 gifts each holiday, according to Mailing Industry Expert Jeff Peoples and he believes thank you cards are still the best way for people to connect.
Peoples joined KRQE’s This Morning team to discuss key mistakes to avoid before dropping that envelope at the Post Office.
The main mistake to avoid when it comes to thank you cards is not writing one at all. This sends the message that you didn’t like or don’t care about the gift. Making sure to address the envelope correctly is also something to double check, this includes the spelling of names. Another issue to avoid is waiting too long. Send the gratitude sooner than later, and lastly try to make the note personal and specific.
Peoples suggests making a list while opening gifts and this will make it easier to remember what you received.
For more tips or information, visit Peoples website.