Albuquerque men arrested for trying to sell stolen gun parts


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A man accused of trying to sell stolen gun parts faced a judge Saturday.

According to a criminal complaint, 35-year-old Francis O’Brien and a woman walked into Butch’s Guns Thursday, located near University and Candelaria, trying to sell gun accessories.

The only problem, the store manager recognized the gun parts after a member of his shooting team had already reported them stolen from his home. Police were called and O’Brien and the woman were arrested.

Another woman, and 34-year-old Ross Baca were also with them and taken into custody.

The complaint says surveillance video at the Albuquerque Police Department Substation later caught O’Brien and Baca messing with a bag on the counter and then throwing something in the trashcan. Two credit cards and a gold watch were found in the trash can.

Both O’Brien and Baca are facing charges including receiving and transferring stolen property and tampering with evidence.

Francis O’Brien_mug
Francis O’Brien
Ross Baca
Ross Baca