The Best of Larry Barker 2016

Larry Barker
Larry Barker

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The 2016 edition of the Best of Larry Barker takes a look at some of his best investigations this year. We will chase Bigfoot and follow the money trail showing how tens of millions of tax dollars are being shelled out in secret.

The first story is about fraud, embezzlement and corporate misdeeds.Those are the findings of a two-month Larry Barker investigation in April. His report exposed the misdeeds of a New Mexico medical corporation that stole from its own employees. The focus of the KRQE News 13 investigation is on Atrinea Health, a firm that operates Urgent Care and Family Practice offices across New Mexico.

Full Story: Corporate misdeeds: Health care agency embezzles money from employees »

A failed government project that cost taxpayers millions is the focus of the next story. In February Larry Barker followed a trail of clues that led to New Mexico’s most notorious dirty deal, “Oñate’s Folly”. It’s a multi-million dollar compound surrounded by a low wall and locked gate. There’s no sign so most tourists who take the scenic route to Taos on Highway 68 drive right on by. Just as you cruise by Alcalde, glance to the right and you’ll get a hint to what this publicly funded project is all about.

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Albuquerque city officials know the rules but looked the other way again and again. In February after a two-month Larry Barker investigation, city officials put the public at risk when they ignored critically important safety regulations. Albuquerque building inspectors blatantly broke state rules and regulations and when state construction regulators found out what happened, their reaction was one of “shock” and “surprise.”

Full Story: Albuquerque building officials violate state regs for critical safety inspections »

There are only some stories that can only be told by Larry Barker. In November Larry uncovered one of those stories in a 10-month investigation. Each year, taxpayers shell out tens of millions of dollars to pay for government wrong-doing. Those payments have always been a closely guarded secret until Larry was able to unlock the secret to the Negligence Files.

Full Story: The Negligence Files: Tens of millions secretly paid out for government wrong doing »

In October Larry told you about a strange search in the Sandia Mountains. It wasn’t a study of the Bark Beatle, they were looking for something much more unbelievable. They were searching for Bigfoot. And did they find any trace of the legendary beast? They sure didn’t but it was a well-funded expedition that was funded with your money.

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