ABQ Ride surveillance video puts BCSO motorcade under scrutiny

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New video puts a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department motorcade under scrutiny again, but this time the sheriff’s department speaks out.

KRQE News 13 has a second video, putting squad cars from the same motorcade at the scene of two separate incidents on Saturday. BCSD tells KRQE News 13, they debrief after every escort and maintain they did nothing wrong.

A strong jolt, on an Albuquerque city bus. Surveillance video from the bus showed a BCSO deputy’s squad car swerving in front of the bus.

“Oh my god, that cop was ridiculous, he didn’t have to do that,” said a passenger. “My husband hit the side of the knee.”

The bus driver called for medical help, and he explained that he saw the police escort coming.

“I was trying to get out of the way, I had a sheriff’s deputy cut me off, had to slam my brakes,” said the driver.

Passengers said the abrupt stop threw them from their seats.

“Everybody flew forward,” said a passenger.

“That cop cut you off,” said a passenger.

Deputy Johann Jareno was a part of this non-emergency convoy and said he saw exactly what happened.

“Everything we saw was done in a safely manner,” said Deputy Johann Jareno, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies said it was necessary for the police unit to get the bus to stop, near Montano and Renaissance, to clear the road for the more than 20-car motorcade, driving children around town as part of a holiday event.

“The city bus was in front of where the convoy was approaching,” said Deputy Jareno.

Deputies confirmed to KRQE News 13 that this was the same convoy that was at the scene of an accident on I-25.

As KRQE News 13 reported on Wednesday, a video shows a deputy’s unmarked black truck is already past the Montano exit when it starts to merge to the right.  The passenger who was in that Volvo SUV said the squad car cut across three lanes.

“We had to slam on our breaks, not to hit the actual police vehicle,” said Regina Gaysina, a passenger involved in the crash.

Gaysina said this caused the car behind to crash into them. Then, the video shows the unmarked squad car cut across the shoulder and take off. When asked about the accident, the sheriff’s department said they didn’t know it happened.

“None of us were aware there was a crash,” said Deputy Jareno.

The sheriff’s department tells KRQE News 13, if they would have known a crash occurred during the course of the escort, the deputy would have stopped to assist.

ABQ Ride said the passenger asked to be taken to the hospital and was checked out for knee pain.