State worker’s car takes away handicapped space at Albuquerque hotel

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – When the storm hit Monday night, a woman was forced to rent a room at an Albuquerque hotel, but when she tried parking in a handicapped spot next to her room, she found a state worker was already there.

She snapped a few photos of the vehicle and sent them to KRQE News 13.

The woman, Jodie Martinez, said she travels to Albuquerque from Grants for work. She said she stays at the Club House Inn & Suites often and has never had any trouble parking there until Monday night.

“That parking wasn’t available to me because a state employee took,” Martinez said.

She was forced to walk from one end of the hotel to the next.

The vehicle belongs to a Children, Youth, and Families Department worker. There was no handicapped permit on the windshield or license plate.

KRQE News 13 sent those photos to the New Mexico General Services Department which oversees all the vehicles at different state agencies.

In a statement GSD said, “We expect all state employees to follow the law, just like everyone else, and we have informed the department responsible for this vehicle.”

CYFD said, “It’s absolutely unacceptable for any CYFD employee to break state driving laws.” The department said the matter is now under investigation.

Martinez said it’s disappointing to see people who should know better take advantage of others.

“For people who abuse that system and park there when they’re not supposed to, it’s just frustrating,” she said.

CYFD said the driver could face a suspension of driving a state vehicle.

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