Parts of New Mexico hammered by winter weather

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It’s the first major snow storm of the year and that’s left a lot of kids and parents with an unexpected day off. One of the hardest hit parts of the state is the East Mountains.

Parts of the Sandias and Manzanos got about a foot of snow Monday night. Now most people are staying in, including students because schools are closed. But there’s still a lot going on outside.

Snow plows tried their best to clear up the roads. It’s still pretty dangerous in some of the areas that have already been plowed because the roads are still icy and wet, making it really tough to drive and even walk.

PNM was planning on shutting down power for six hours Tuesday for a lot of people in the East Mountains to do some transformer work. However, PNM has decided to postpone that work.

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