Albuquerque ‘Knitted Knockers’ helps breast cancer survivors

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A small group of knitters in Albuquerque is using the craft for a cause, trying to spread the word about the unique way volunteers are helping breast cancer survivors.

The group met on Tuesday for the second time at The Yarn Store at Nob Hill.

“It is more than just a yarn store. It’s really a community,” said Owner Teresa McDowell. That community is crafting something that most people don’t even know exists, Knitted Knockers.

It is a lighthearted name for something that helps women who’ve faced serious struggles.

An up and coming local chapter of the group is knitting handmade prostheses for breast cancer survivors who’ve had mastectomies.

“These are things that are really made with love. So, we’re passing that love on to people we don’t know that are getting these,” said Volunteer Sue Fitzpatrick.

She said her mother had breast cancer and ovarian cancer. “My mom was also a knitter, so that’s another thing that is dear to my heart,” Fitzpatrick said. “She would’ve loved these.”

They are comfortable and certainly more affordable than a traditional prosthesis.

Women in need can request one online for free.

“It makes them feel a little bit more human when they thought there were no other options,” said Sarah Kirkish, the woman who organized the Albuquerque group.

It meets every Tuesday from 12:30 to 2 p.m.

The store offers discounts on yarn for Knitted Knockers, and volunteers are encouraged to make pairs in neutral colors and larger sizes because that is what is most often requested.

“Someone in our group is doing that for herself, and we’re very excited for her,” Kirkish said.

This is just the latest community project The Yarn Store is involved in. The owner said she tries to help with at least one each year.

“It is a really wonderful place to be when you’re a part of something that’s much bigger than you,” McDowell said.

Kirkish can be reached at for those interested in participating. You can also download patterns here for Knitted Knockers.

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