Theft threatens audio engineer’s livelihood

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)– Andrew Godfrey spends most of time working as an audio engineer,performing at several different spots around town..

“Audio, visual, and music are my passion.i just love doing them,” said Godfrey. On Friday morning, he noticed his car was broken in to and he was missing some of his best audio equipment.

“About a thousand dollars worth of microphones and also a bunch of adaptors I use pretty much everyday,” said Godfrey.

He can still perform at different venues around town but not to the best of his ability.

“The equipment that I had took it the next level, made my customer, and client very happy,” said Godfrey.

He’s afraid not having his best equipment will hurt his pocket but what’s more concerning to him is not being able to provide for his wife and two kids.

“I would say that the jobs that i use that equipment for. It’s 60 percent of my income,” said Godfrey.

In the meantime, Godfery will use some of his old equipment. He says even though it’s not the same, he’ll find a way to keep his customers happy. That way his family can also be happy.

“It’s sad to see that taken away. Now I have to start back from scratch,” said Godfrey.

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