Holly Holm silences the critics

Holly Holm
Holly Holm celebrates after defeating Ronda Rousey during their UFC 193 bantamweight title fight in Melbourne, Australia, Sunday, Nov. 15, 2015. (AP Andy Brownbill)

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Albuquerque’s own Holly Holm shocked the world by defeating Ronda Rousey in convincing fashion on Saturday night for the UFC Bantamweight title. It was a victory that prompted the Albuquerque City Council to declare the month of November “Holly Holm Month.”

“How exciting for our community. Everybody this week is walking around with their chin up and their chest out,” said Mayor Richard J. Berry.

Holm had 10 to 1 odds heading into the fight with Rousey, but Holly never let it get to her.

“You can get so mentally beat by working yourself up too much, and so I just wanted to stay level headed, and know what I was up against, but believe in my training and my ability,” said Holly Holm.

This fight broke the UFC attendance record housing 56,214 fans in Melbourne. Holly gained the support of the Australian fans, but also had an entire state behind her in this momentous event in UFC history. Holly is now the first athlete, male or female, to hold World Titles in both boxing and the UFC. After that fight-ending kick to Rousey’s face, reality didn’t set in for Holm until she looked to her corner.

“As soon as the fight was over and I looked over and they said we did it. We knew you could do this, and you came in and you did it, and that was the moment right there,” said Holm.

Holm has proven that she can overcome adversity, and this is a prime example. She, along with her friends, family, and coaches were confident the entire time building up to this fight.

“We didn’t believe in the hype that was Ronda Rousey. We knew what Holly was capable of we have seen her in here every day for years and years and years. You know when Albuquerque and New Mexico got behind Holly, that’s all we needed,” said Jackson Wink Striking Coach Brandon Gibson.

Holly shocked the world on Saturday, and she now brings a UFC title back to Albuquerque. While she doesn’t leave Australia until Wednesday, she can’t wait for her emotional welcome home.

“I don’t even know, but I am pretty sure I will cry a lot, if I know me,” said Holm.

On Monday evening, Holm posted a message on Instagram thanking her fans.

“Best feeling in the world. Still trying to process and take it all in,” she wrote. “There aren’t enough words to express what I am feeling.”

A Facebook page encourages fans to greet Holm when she arrives at the Sunport. The city said it is working with Holm’s team to plan celebrations.

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