Woman hit by car at bus stop recovers physically, mentally

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Katherine Hooten was injured as she waited for the bus. Without warning, an out-of-control car crashed into her. It’s a scenario that’s scary enough for anyone, but for Hooten, it’s extra traumatizing.

When asked what she likes to do, Katherine responded, “Ride buses.”

Her family tells KRQE News 13 that Katherine is autistic and riding the bus is her passion.

Cocoa Flowers, her sister, said, “She likes certain things like the bus number. With the autism, you can see that little bit of an obsession for numbers come in, and so, she’ll also ride her favorite bus number.”

Albuquerque Police said James Stair, 43, lost control of his Ford Mustang and hit Hooten Wednesday afternoon at San Mateo and Montgomery. Eyewitnesses told police that Stair was driving recklessly and that he admitted to the officers that he was driving recklessly.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Flowers said.

Hooten, 21, has bumps, bruises and stitches. The family also worries about her mental recovery.

“She keeps asking us different things like what did I do? And she’ll go from that to I didn’t deserve this, did I?” Flowers said.

Katherine’s family said she won’t be able to board the bus for a couple of months, but Katherine is ready.

Stair was arrested for reckless driving, bonded out Thursday, and has pleaded not guilty.

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