Two dogs injured in shooting at Albuquerque dog park

ALBUQUERQUE (KREQ) – Two dogs were injured Friday afternoon after a man opened fire at a dog park near the Country Club neighborhood.

“That’s one of the risks you take when you go to the dog park, you have to be prepared for aggressive dogs causing problems,” said Park Visitor Justin Flam.

But Flam says usually not aggressive owners. But he and other visitors say that changed Friday afternoon. APD says a man pulled out his gun and opened fire on another dog at Triangle Dog Park on Kit Carson Avenue SE, near the Country Club area. Flam arrived right after police.

“They were looking for something in the grass and there’s blood on the grass over there too,” said Flam.

APD says dogs were getting aggressive with a man’s pitbull. When he tried to break them up a dog bit him in the calf. Police say the man pulled out his gun and shot once, hitting the dog in his leg. The bullet went through the dog’s leg and struck another dog in the leg. It all happened in front of several families.

Flam said, “It’s kinda scary to have somebody shooting a gun at the dog park.”

“This is kinda the last place I would expect it,” said Neighbor Bennett King.

Both dogs are expected to survive. EMS bandaged up the alleged shooter. But other people say despite the bite, he overreacted.

King said, “That’s definitely, I think, the extreme option, so yeah, that’s wildly upsetting.”

“It’s always scary when people are just pulling out guns,” said Flam.

Especially in a place neighbors consider safe.

“It’s tragic that you come to a park with children and your pets and stuff like that happens,” said Antonio Martin.

“It’s gonna kinda be in back of my head though, every time I step out,” said King.

APD seized the shooter’s weapon. They say he did not have a concealed carry permit. He was cited for that and for having an unneutered dog. Animal Control will also be doing a bite investigation.

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