Suspect in road rage shooting pleads not guilty

Tony Torrez

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Police say he’s already confessed to shooting at the vehicle but the driver accused of shooting and killing 4-year-old Lilly Garcia in a fit of road rage pleaded not guilty in court Friday.

It was Torrez’s first court appearance. He’s facing a first degree murder charge as well as tampering with evidence and he won’t be getting out of jail anytime soon.

Torrez was arrested one day after police say he shot and killed Lilly Garcia on I-40 near Unser after Torrez cut the family off and Lilly’s dad threw his hands up and cursed at Torrez. Lilly and her brother were in the backseat on their way home from school.

According to police, when they picked up Torrez he admitted to shooting at the family’s pickup truck.

And what about his girlfriend who investigators said may have helped hide him and get rid of evidence? In a federal document obtained by KRQE, Lopez was spotted outside Torrez’s home helping him load a car full of guns and drugs. When she was questioned by police, she told them Torrez had asked her to get rid of it all.

But police said they can’t charge her.

“What she did or didn’t know about us trying to find him is hard to determine,” Tanner Tixier said. “So we can’t charge her with harboring a fugitive and the weapons that were recovered from her had nothing to do with our case with little Lily.”

At Torrez’s arraignment Lilly’s grandpa gave an emotional plea to the court. The judge agreed and denied bond for Torrez.

A criminal complaint shows investigators found two assault rifles, a revolver, a bulletproof vest and duffle bags filled with baggies of marijuana in the car Torrez was loading up before they arrested him on Central near Sunset in another vehicle.

Torrez has a long criminal history which includes another road rage incident back in 2006. Torrez also faces federal drug and firearms charges.

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