Police union launches media campaign to thank, garner support from community

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Viral kindness– it’s one way Albuquerque’s police union is describing a new campaign they hope will catch fire through the city. In the wake of two murders– Lilly Garcia and Officer Webster– organizers say the goal is to replace violence with kindness. Think pay it forward– small gestures of kindness that may not seem like much but could go a long way.

“You don’t know how one person’s generosity or act of kindness will effect others down the line,” said Albuquerque Police Officer Association President Stephanie Lopez.

Lopez says the “We are Albuquerque” campaign is a calling to the community to come together after the deaths of Lilly Garcia and Officer Daniel Webster, to encourage locals to wear blue and white ribbons in solidarity.

Plus, she says they’re asking residents to offer random acts of kindness in their memory, like walking someone’s dog when he or she is away, helping an elderly neighbor carry in groceries or picking up trash at a nearby park.

Lopez says the union also encourages members of the community to post their random acts on social media with the hashtag, “We are Albuquerque”.

They’re hoping the others will follow, not only in Albuquerque, but across the country.

“That people would look to it and say, ‘hey, look what they’re doing,’ and that they would want to be inspired from it and move forward with it as well,” explained Lopez.

The APOA says they’ll also be organizing and sponsoring several events.

Random Acts of Kindness Week kicks off Friday, that’s in conjunction with World Kindness Day. Meet your neighbor Night is December 10th and it’s exactly what it sound like. Santa Patrol lasts from December 3rd through the 18th. It’s the second year the APOA has sponsored that event. It’s when members of the community can donate toys officers can hand out to children in need while they’re on the job. Blue Light Week is the first week in January. That’s when residents replace their white porch lights with blue ones.

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